’Easy’  explores the graph of a body through accessing the emotional and rational mind of oneself. It is a journey of witnessing the terrain of human emotions from the absence,presence and leaking of desires.  It attempts to build a democratic exchange between oneself and the space where each thought, memory or reflection is
allowed to find its place. Everything that takes place is shared through unfolding layers of intimacy, a waiting and sometimes exhaustion. 


The initial research of 'Easy' premiered at the Pop!Show!Fuck!Up! Festival (HZT) in Uferstudios, Berlin in 2017 with performers  Julek Kreutzer, Grėtė Šmitaitė and Zizi. In 2019 it developed into a solo work presented at the First Works Showings in Uferstudios, Berlin.


Pop!Show!Fuck!Up! Festival (2017)

Choreography: Sunayana Shetty
Performance: Julek Kreutzer, Grėtė Šmitaitė and Zizi
Artistic Advisor: Frauke Havemann
Tech Support:  Maximilian Stelzl  


First Works Showings (2019)

Concept, choreography, performance: Sunayana Shetty
Artistic support: Frauke Havemann, Vincenz Kokot
Sound: Vincenz Kokot
Tech support: Nikola Pieper
Filmed by: Shiran Eliaserov

Pictures: Askin