“mother tongue” is a work where we call out to our maternal bodies. The work examines different practices that invite the body to feel beyond the possessive skin bound body and open to be in a relational kin-bound body. While building an intuitive relation with what the body carries, we work with tracing our memories and finding our deep songs. One after the other following through the many waves, we are mothering and raising our inner processes.


Concept & Choreography: Sunayana Shetty
Performance: Katerin Delakoura, Sunayana Shetty
Sound & Music contributions: William Locke Wheeler, Tajdar Junaid, Gretchen Blegen
Costume Design: Ivan Ekemark
Dramaturgical Support: Maya Weinberg
Object from the Feral Bodies collection by Latika Mehra
And lastly thank you to Zoe Valerie for your space at Casa Lucia (Corfu) and for your support through the research process.

Premiered: 19.02 & 20.02 2022,  ADA Studios, Berlin (Nah Dran Extended).