Sunayana Shetty (IND/DE) is a dancer and choreographer based in Berlin. She graduated in Dance, Context and Choreography from HZT University, Berlin. She previously studied Business Management in Mumbai, India.

She is interested in reimagining the body through its (emotional) sensitivities and fragility. Scenes and narratives are constructed while crafting intimate spaces between the audience and the performer.

In 2020 along with Aabshaar Wakhloo they co-curated the Among Us Workshop series: an initiative to connect through the virtual platform and continue dialogues related to ongoing body practices. So far, Among Us has led three editions. Edition I & III were with the support of the digital and analog platform, Work It Out, Berlin. 

She is also a member of the
Suddenly collective. It comprises of thirteen international dance artists based in Berlin. 

As a dancer/performer she has collaborated with Zufit Simon, Ann Oren, Judith Foerster, Cécile Bally, Grėtė Šmitaitė, Hanna Kritten Tangsoo, Katherine Evans, Renen Itzhaki, Sandhya Daegman,Miriam Kongstad, Aabshaar Wakhloo, Dorota Michalak and Lyllie Rouvière.